éClaircie -- Blog without clouds!

éClaircie is a 100% static blog engine. The main features are:

  • Restructured Text (ReST) syntax

  • multilingual support, including failback language (ex a website with translated articles in French and the other in English)

  • integrated search engine (Google-independent and local!)

  • full multimedia integration:

    • image gallery with miniatures

    • audio player (HTML5)

    • Youtube video (with anti-tracing protection: Youtube is not contacted until the video is played)

    • RSS feed

  • comments by mail

  • multiple themes support (including per-category themes)

  • content generation from Python scripts

  • email obfuscation

  • free software (GNU GPL v3 licence)

  • 100% static, cloud-less computing! With éClaircie, no need to use external services for managing comments (ex Disqus) or search (ex Google search bar). This is better because these external services providing "widgets" raise some concerns related to privacy. In fact, these widgets are often used for tracing users by the enterprises that propose them.

In French, "éclaircie" means "when the weather improves".

If independence, control of your personal data and respect for privacy are importants to you, then éClaircie is for you!

For using éClaircie, you need:

Since version 0.3, éClaircie no longer uses or requires Sphinx.

éClaircie 0.3

éClaircie is the static, cloud-less and anti-tracing blog engine used by the Flower of Evidence. This third version éClaircie remove the dependence to Sphinx which caused many problems due to the many incompatible changes and the poor multilingual search support in Sphinx.

You can download the new version here: Download at PyPI.

éClaircie 0.2

This second release of éClaircie, the static and cloud-less blog engine, fixes many bugs and adds support for posts in multiple categories. You can download it here: Download at PyPI.

éClaircie 0.1

The first release of éClaircie, the static and cloud-less blog engine, is available! You can download it here: Download at PyPI

A simple Javascript image viewer

Here is a very simple but functional Javascript image viewer (< 2ko) with no dependency (not even JQuery).

It is used by éClaircie. For a demonstration, please see the following page: Screenshots.

The source code is available in the second part of this post.

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