Owlready2 0.14 has been released!

Owlready is a Python module for ontology-oriented programming. It can load OWL 2.0 ontologies and manipulate them transparently in Python.

This new version adds the ability to infer property values (as in Protégé) and to use SWRL rules. It improves class properties and it can import UMLS (still undocumentated!). It also fixes several bugs.

Here are the changes in version 0.14:

  • UMLS support (owlready2.pymedtermino2 package)

  • Can infer object property values when reasoning (thanks W Zimmer)

  • New implementation of property values; use INDIRECT_prop to get indirect values

  • Support several class property types : some, only, some + only, and direct relation

  • Automatically create defined classes via class properties

  • Support anonymous individuals, e.g. Thing(0)

  • Optimize search() when only the number of returned elements is used

  • Optimize FTS search() when using also non-FTS statements

  • Can restrict reasoning to a list of ontologies

  • Union searches (i.e. default_world.search(...) | default_world.search(...))

  • Bugfixes: - Fix functional class properties with inheritance - Fix dupplicated instance list restrictions when calling close_world(ontology) - Fix use of '*' in search - Fix synchronization, using contextvars for global variables

The new version be downloaded from PyPI (Python Package Index): https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Owlready2