Soya 0.15rc1 is out !

Soya 0.15rc1 is out !

Here is the Changelog :

  • January 2009 : Soya3D 0.15rc1

  • ODE 10 compatibility (required)

  • New collide property for lazer.

  • Quiet mode for soya initialisation and quit

  • New event management system. round event are now stored in main_loop.event and main_loop.raw_event.

  • New round_task attribut for main_loop.

  • Allow screenshot from backbuffer.

  • Allow to use WorldStep instead of WorldQuickStep for ODE iteration.

  • Allow None as angular_velocity, linear_velocity, torque, or force.

  • Allow None as hi_stop, lo_stop

  • Bugfixes

  • Fix delta_x and delta_y in coalesced event

  • Fix AngularMotorJoint API

  • soya initialisation now write in the common stdout and stderr

  • Fix font related segfault when soya wasn't initialised

  • Fix Pudding MainLoop (thanks David Martinez)

  • Work-around for OpenAL bug for absolute sound sources